Thursday, November 14, 2013

Application Submitted!

I am happy to announce that everything is continuing to move along with our sports residency. Our resident has now been with us for almost 4 months and a month and a half ago I submitted our application for credentialing! Sending the 5 binders felt amazing after all of the work that went into them.

I spent the first 2 months of the residency preparing the credentialing document and  getting the resident all set in her schedule and have continued to make weekly adjustments to her schedule based on what sports teams we have playing where. She has been able to get a good amount of experience with 2 different high schools that are operated very differently.  I feel that we have adjusted into the resident’s mentoring schedule well and everything seems to be going smoothly on a daily basis. I am starting to look towards her winter and spring schedule and feel this will pose a good challenge to be sure that all of the program goals are achieved prior to her finishing next summer.

I was fortunate to have 3 other clinicians look over the credentialing document prior to its submission and they all picked up on good areas to adjust and clarify prior to mailing everything. After staring at the document for so long it was great to have fresh sets of eyes on the document. I only had details to add to the credentialing document by the time the resident started which was helpful to have the bulk of the document already completed. My main area of focus was on all of the forms needed for the final section. These were much easier to formulate once I had a person here and was able to figure out what worked best for our facility and program.

I am now anxiously awaiting word from ABPTRFE on how the initial review went and am hoping a site visit is in our near future!

Jen Flug-Atwood
Premier Physical Therapy and Sports Performance

Friday, September 13, 2013

So Close!

I am happy to announce that our first resident has officially started! It is so exciting to see everything coming together and to be starting the program after having the idea in my head for over a year.

Having the Residency Handbook done for the resident’s first day was very helpful for all of us. From the companies perspective, it helped us to be organized and on the same page with many of the policies and procedures. For the resident, it provided a good framework for the program and a good reference manual that will be used throughout the program. 

The first week seemed to go smoothly and was focused mainly on orientation to the clinic, residency expectations and getting comfortable with the staff and her surroundings. There was also a football camp that allowed the resident time to meet athletic trainers, coaches and athletes that the resident will work with throughout the year. 

All in all, I think we are off to a great start and I’m excited to see how everything goes over the next 12 months.  

Jen Flug-Atwood
Premier Physical Therapy and Sports Performance

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Almost done!

I am happy to announce that we have signed a letter of intent for our first resident! Now that we have a date set and an actual person starting I am determining what I must do prior to her start date.

To begin, I was able to sit down with both clinic owners and together, the three of us were able to develop the residency schedule for the summer/fall. It really helped to draw up the hours on the white board where it was easy to make changes and to be sure the hours add up. It was like figuring out a big puzzle between looking at clinic treatment times, surgeon/physician hours and athletic training room/venue coverage hours. We have come up with a schedule that will work for the summer and fall, but will likely change when spring seasons start as the current schedule is focused around  football season and the associated hours.

It was challenging to plug in all of the sporting events and making sure the resident gets a good mix of all high school fall sports while having consistency in the school and teams she follows since our clinic is affiliated with 2 high schools. I realize this schedule will be a work in progress, but I’m looking forward to getting this program started!

Jen Flug-Atwood
Premier Physical Therapy and Sports Performance

Thursday, May 30, 2013


Well with summer quickly approaching I am happy to announce we have continued to make progress on our residency program development. I still have areas of the credentialing document to finalize but have taken the time to go over the document with another clinician to have a fresh set of eyes on my current work.

In better news, we have just interviewed candidates for the position this week. Thus, in the last few weeks I have been developing what we wanted the interview day to consist of and how we would fit in all necessary components. Having just completed the interviews, I am very happy with the lay-out of the day and feel the potential residents were able to get a good feel for our facilities and the residency program.

I will now spend time solidifying an offer letter and going about hiring our first resident!

Jen Flug-Atwood
Premier Physical Therapy and Sports Performance

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

2013 Application Version

I didn’t realize my last blog was as long ago as it was, so here I am updating what I have been doing for the past month.

To begin, I will say that I took the residency mentoring preconference course offered at CSM and found the whole course and information to be very, very helpful. I was able to gather several resources to assist with our program and I was able to gain great insight into different ways to format mentoring hours and how to best structure and incorporate these into the program. I have since decided to change around some of what I pictured a resident’s day and mentoring sessions to look like and will continue to reference my materials gathered from the course to further help develop the mentoring aspect of our residency.

As far as the credentialing document is concerned, I am still transferring some information from the old template to the new, 2013 form. I have been spending some time on curriculum development and determining resident expectations for all of his/her experiences. The document is coming along quite well for the moment and we are accepting applications for the current residency position and hope to have some great candidates in the near future. 

Jen Flug-Atwood
Premier Physical Therapy and Sports Performance

Monday, February 4, 2013

Still Recruiting

I apologize for taking time off the past month from my blog, but I am back at it now. I am currently in the process of transferring my current credentialing document into the new 2013 application. I am not finished with this process as some of the wording is slightly different so I want to be careful to transfer all of the information into the appropriate category. I have also found some sections with new components that I need to work on such as goals for the resident in addition to program goals. Since I have made good progress in the credentialing document, this will be a good opportunity to re-read and edit everything I have done thus far. I also think the new document will help to make the final product easier to read and look cleaner.

I have also reached out to the sports sections residency SIG to try to become a member and see if they have any further advice or assistance with marketing for our first/future resident(s).

I am looking forward to CSM next week and will be taking the pre-conference course on residency mentoring which is sure to be beneficial as we take the next step in our program!

Jen Flug-Atwood
Premier Physical Therapy and Sports Performance

Monday, December 10, 2012

Recruiting a Resident

It seems that working on this document could be never-ending as every time I open it to work on something I find something else I want to tweak or change from weeks past.

I have taken time to work on Section 3.1.2 of the credentialing application as I had intended to work on the sequencing of the curriculum. I struggled with this at first as I had completed an orthopedic residency myself and was trying to make comparisons. I finally came to the conclusion that the lay-out was not able to be parallel given the objectives of a sports residency and the athletic schedule a resident will be following. I used the athletic seasons to help guide my development of this section which seemed to make the most sense.

I have also been gathering information from all of the mentors for Form 2.2.2/2.2.3 and figuring out who will have what responsibility within the residency program.

We are still actively recruiting for a resident for early Spring 2013 so if anyone reading this is interested please feel free to contact me!

Jennifer Flug-Atwood, PT, DPT, OCS, SCS
Premier Physical Therapy and Sports Performance